Prevention Education 

​​​​​Classes offered upon request..

Adult Education Classes-  "Understanding and helping to prevent Child Sexual Abuse"

This is a 2 hour class which teaches adults that every member of the community can do something to help stop current abuse and prevent abuse in the future

Pre-School-  "It's Your Body:  You're In Charge!"

This program is designed to introduce the youngest students to the subject of child sexual abuse in an easy-to-understand, nonthreatening way.  Teaching children at an early age that they are in charge of their own body, and that certain touches and behavior by others is not permissible, which can help them understand how to prevent or deal with sexual abuse.

Elementary Grades 3rd-6th-  "If It Happens to You-Dealing with Abuse" This prevention program presents the realities of child abuse from a child's perspective, including the guilt and responsibility a victim may feel, and the difficulty a victim may have in reporting an incident of abuse.  

Media Safety-  Appropriate for 7th-12th grade-  "What is Sexting?"  Students are taught the 5 basic rules of media safety when it comes to Sexting.  

1.  Think about the consequences

2.  NEVER take pictures of yourself that you wouldn't want everyone to see

3.  Think before you send

4.  Only texts, e-mail or attachments open from friends

5.  If you...create, keep or send an inappropriate picture of someone under 18 years old...It is ILLEGAL!

Dating Violence-  Appropriate for 9th-12th grade-

Warning signs of abusive relationships as well as characteristics of healthy relationships are discussed.